Joe Harrison Carter Elementary School – Addition and Renovation

Monroe County Schools acquired the architectural design services of RBS Design Group for the extensive renovations and additions to Joe Harrison Carter Elementary School.

This facility was the first school in the state of Kentucky to be equipped with a Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) system.  VRV is a highly efficient and easy to operate HVAC system.

In addition to renovations, the existing facility received five new classrooms.  Joe Harrison Carter Elementary features several learning design elements that help assist teachers to improve their instructional process. Each classroom is equipped with a PC, whiteboard technology, and a fixed mount projector.

Additional learning design elements include colorful hallway striping to help route traffic throughout the building; a learning floor map featuring the state of Kentucky which provides students with additional geographical learning material; an a new ceiling with a dome which provides students with the opportunity to learn about oscillations.


Lewis Carter, Superintendent


Venture Contracting, Inc.


Tompkinsville, Kentucky