City of Owensboro – Legion Park Picnic Shelters

The City of Owensboro acquired the architectural design services of RBS Design Group for the design of picnic shelters and restroom facilities for two of its most popular parks.

Legion Park is a 23.75 acre community park. Its many amenities including a paved walking trail, tennis courts and spray park draw in a large number of visitors throughout the year. RBS worked with city officials to design two new screened  picnic shelters, that can be rented for community events.

RBS also designed a separate free standing restroom facility that is open for public use.

In 2012 RBS completed a new picnic shelter and restroom facility in Moreland Park. The new picnic shelter and restroom building are identical to those found at Legion Park and help to create a sense of unity between the two parks.


City of Owensboro


Owensboro, Kentucky