Owensboro Innovation Campus – Renovation

When students at the Owensboro Innovation Campus – which houses iMiddle-School and the Innovation Academy for high schoolers – walked into their shared building  in Fall 2020, they were greeted with major renovations that will contribute to the learning and growing experience for its’ students.

Many unique features were added to the facility including overhead sectional doors in classrooms and bi-fold hangar doors in the cafeteria and gymnasium that can be raised to provide more space. The media center got a refreshed look, as well as creative classrooms and corridors.

This project also included the construction of a canopy and a new secure entrance, as well as major renovations to the finishes, ceilings, casework, doors and hardware, windows, restrooms, HVAC, plumbing, lighting, fire protection and fire alarm system.


Dr. Matthew Constant
Chris Bozarth
Owensboro Public Schools


Owensboro, KY