Third Baptist Church

Third Baptist Church acquired the architectural design services of RBS Design Group for the restoration of their sanctuary.

In October of 2007, an F3 tornado struck the historic Third Baptist Church, located in downtown Owensboro, causing severe damage to the sanctuary.  RBS Design Group worked with Church officials to restore this Owensboro landmark.

Restoration efforts were intense and included critical repairs to the original timber structure, a total re-roofing of “Buckingham” slate roof and copper guttering systems, plaster restoration, stained glass replacement and repairs, mill work reproduction and repair.  All electrical, HVAC, fire detection/alarm and audio systems were replaced with new systems that met codes and standards.  This $6.5 million dollar restoration included the installation of a new architectural feature, the “archway” highlighting  of a new memorial window.

Renovations were completed in 2009.



Dr. James K. Bryd, Pastor


Building by Wayne Baker


Owensboro, Kentucky