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Rozany Guzman-Rivera Architectural CAD Technician

[email protected]

A previous intern at RBS Design Group, Rozany was hired full-time after graduating from Western Kentucky University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Architectural Science. Her skills and vibrant personality are a great asset to the team!

Rozany found her love for architecture as a little girl visiting Castillo San Felipe in San Juan, Puerto Rico with her family for the first time. Rozany has loved visiting old ruins and admiring old, iconic buildings ever since, observing every nook and cranny.

Rozany’s favorite part about working in architecture is watching a building transform from multiple two-dimensional drawings to a physical, functional facility that will be used by hundreds or thousands of people for years to come.

In her free time, Rozany enjoys painting, building LEGO sets, biking around her neighborhood, and crocheting.