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Throwback to the Basics

Drawings perform many roles in the creation of a design, from the inspired, initial sketch on a paper napkin to the lavish watercolor painting that helps grab a building committee’s attention. Architects sketch to generate ideas and bring a sense of personality to their project. They assist a design team in describing and demonstrating how a building is going to be built.

As technology continues to evolve and times change, more and more buildings start out as a line on a screen, before being revealed to the world in the form of a 3D rendering.

With the development of 3D rendering technology, architects can more easily present shape, form, patterns, colors, and textures so that clients can have an accurate representation of the design’s finished product. Now, given what seems like limitless options, architectural design has become fantastically versatile! Even so, today architects still enjoy the traditional pencil and paper method to sketch their creative design concepts.